Kontuur live

A/B studio session
To support the start of wadi, SLAK helped produce this recording.
After a process of two years, Kontuur will release their first album on wadi the 1st of June 2022. The record titled 'A/B' bundles 5 fragments from longer improvisations.

Performing for friends and family in their own music studio, the duo wanted to give new life to the project by deconstructing and remixing the source material from A/B live in a compact format. A bright sunday morning with koffiekoeken and improvisation, we couldn’t come up with a better concept for our pre-release party.

camera: Robbe Maes
sound: Roel Snellebrand
drums, sax: Juri Jansen
electronics: Adriaan Severins
production: Elena Peeters & Sam Cunningham

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