wadi/is a platform dedicated to circular music
from remnants of past experiences new sounds are built
wadi’s trail is inspired by natural processes
wadi is curated by Adriaan Severins

playbook/we will only release a project when we feel it’s the best way to communicate the work
we aim for finding the right audience rather than the biggest (therefore so far no uploads to the digital streaming platforms other than Bandcamp)
for every project we look for the most fitting sound carrier
the goal is to be as sustainable as possible with a physical product
sustainability and regeneration also in the way we build relationships with partners, artists and our audience, wadi wants to give back
wadi’s catalogue has to feel like a laboratory, we release sounds that have not yet become indebted to a genre, wadi tries to find comfort in a space of musical uncertainty
wadi cultivates a radical openness to remixing, a project is never finished, the final product always becomes source material for something new, the artists wadi works with are encouraged to connect with this approach