slapen met wadi

october 14, 2022
de Warande, Turnhout

Wadi has been given the opportunity to host a sleeping concert in the night of 14-15 october.
During an ongoing improvisation of 8 hours, 11 musicians, who meet eachother for the very first time, will guide you through the different stages of sleep. A perfect opportunity for us to wander into unknown accoustic territories and discover new sounds. You bring your sleeping bag or blanket, we provide delicate soundscapes, a good mattress and a cup of coffee or tea with a croissant in the morning.

Line up: Luciana Elizondo (viola da gamba) - Tsubasa Hori (koto, percussion) - Abel Ghekiere (clarinet, banjo, electric guitar) - Herbstlaub (synth, bass) - Lucas Schreel (electric guitar) - Viktor Perdieus (alto & baritone saxophone) - Guy Vandromme (piano) - Juri Jansen (drums, percussion) - Aiko Devriendt (flute, electronics) - De Nadi (electronics, field recording) - Elke Van Buggenhout (piano, melodica)

Support: Sam Cunningham (production), Elena Peeters (production), Sander Salden (light) & Ferre Goeyvaerts (sound) 

Slapen met wadi is part of 50 uur de Warande, an art festival/marathon celebrating the 50th aniversary of the lovely cultural beacon in Belgium. We’re very grateful for the way they want to support and facilitate this experiment. Come sleep with us!

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Pieter Nyssen